Professional Grade LED Grow Light Strip Kit

SLR Lighting
$103.95 $79.99 (You save $23.96)

Grow Plants, Herbs, Flowers, Roses, Fruits and Vegetables Faster and More Efficiently! 

Take your gardening to the next level with SLR. Our Professional Grade LED Grow Light Strip Kit has been engineered to help your plants grow more efficiently by providing the specific light rays that your plants crave. Our choice of LEDs it what sets our product apart:

  • Far-Red LEDs: Provide wavelengths that work specifically to achieve photosynthesis, flowering, and fruiting regulation in low light plants.
  • Blue LEDs: Advocate plant chloroplast formation and seedling growth regulation, giving your plants greater energy for faster growth.

Grow More! 

Achieve greater yields with your plants, flowers, or herbs by having the perfect lighting available for whatever season and temperature your plant needs to thrive.

Grow Anywhere! 

It doesn't matter if you only have north or south facing windows. With our LED growing strips you can create the perfect amount of light practically anywhere! Different growing seasons constantly changing means your plants have various lighting needs at different times. Always be in control of the lighting your plants receive in any season, time, and setting.

Promote Stronger and Healthier Plant Growth! 

Your plants will experience a optimal combination of IR and UV wavelengths that is necessary for nourishment and long life. Our Professional Grade Grow Kit provides your garden with an impressive 450-475 nanometers in the blue light spectrum and 625-660 nanometers in the red light spectrum.

Simple Installation: 

Mounts in seconds with your choice of installation setup: with zip ties, wall mount brackets including screws, or the extra strength strip adhesive that sticks to any surface.

What's Included: 

This kit includes five professional grade 20-inch grow strips with adhesive backing, inline power switch, 40-inch extension, surface preparation pad, zip ties, and mounting bracket screws for hanging options.


  • Warranty: 1 Year.
  • Strip Count: 5 Professional Grade Strips.
  • Length: 20 Inches. (100 Inches Total).
  • Coverage: 8 Square Feet.
  • Expandable: Yes. Double your coverage with the Professional Grade Expansion Set.
  • Thickness: 0.5mm.
  • LED Count: 300.
  • Ideal Distance From Plant: 2-3 Feet.
  • Wavelengths
    • Blue: 450 - 475 nm.
    • Red: 625 - 660 nm.
1 Year Warranty.