Motion Sensor Stick-Anywhere Guide Light

SLR Lighting
$12.99 $9.99 (You save $3.00)
Height 1.20
Width 3.50
Depth 4.00
Size Required

Motion Sensing Guide Lights.

Elegantly light your path as you wander throughout your home.

Stick Them Practically Anywhere.

Effortlessly mount the guide lights without the complications of wires. Compact and battery powered, SLR Guide Lights can be stuck onto any flat surface with the included self-adhesive tape or mounting screws. Stick them on walls, cabinets, shelves or anything that needs light.

Smart Detection

Your house just got a little bit smarter and a lot brighter. Automate your walkways to light up to your presence. Built-in motion sensors activate with-in maximum range of 15-feet. Comfortably and safely navigate your home even in the darkest nights.

Daytime Power Saving Mode

Our Dusk-til-Dawn feature conserves power during peak light hours to maximize battery and brightness. Built-in light sensors automatically detect and shuts off the unit when guide lights aren't needed. Once the sun starts to set, SLR Guide Lights will reactivate automatically to guide you throughout your home.

15 Square Feet of Light

SLR Guide Lights illuminate what matters. Directional lights focus the light towards the ground with a coverage of 15 square feet of light.

Power Outage-Proof

Emergency readiness has never been easier. SLR Guide Lights are battery powered and will operate even when your power grid doesn't.


  • LED Color: White
  • Motion Detection Range: 15 Feet
  • Auto Shut Off: 30 Seconds
  • Battery Life: 12 Months
  • Mounting: Tape or Screws
  • Housing: UV Resistant and Weatherproof
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Required Batteries: (4) AA Batteries

What's Included?

Motion sensing guide light, mounting plate, two screws, two drywall anchors, double-sided tape.

1 Year Warranty.