Height Adjustable Standing Desk for Laptops & Desktops with Colorful Bias Light

SKU 900-01154-900-00014
Height 20.00
Width 24.00
Depth 11.00

Stand more. Work better.

Create a Healthy Workstation For Your Posture & Your Eyes.

Working hard doesn’t mean you have to sit all day. Transform your desktop or laptop workstation to boost your metabolism, burn more calories throughout the day, and maintain your long-term health. Plus alleviate your eyes and set the mood from computer screen strains with the addition of the colorful bias lighting.

Adjust and Personalize.

With clamps that loosen and lock with a click, the Standing Desk allows you to easily adjust its platforms for your specific height. Transition from laptop to desktop – you can opt to use only one or both of the platforms depending on your needs. 

Set Up Anywhere You Go.

The Standing Desk’s elegant construction and classic wood finish complements your home interior design while seamlessly transitioning to a professional office setting. 

Elevate Your Standards

The bonus cable manager keeps all your wires bundled neatly, and our exclusive SLR LED Light Strips provide accent lighting for an instant mood boost. Health-conscious workspaces never looked this good!


  • Desk
    • Height-Adjustable: Equipped with clamps for a height range of up to 17.5 in. for easy alterations.
    • Removable Platforms: Customizable for laptops or for separate monitor and keyboard arrangements.
    • DIY Setup: Includes user-friendly instruction manual and screwdriver for setup in 10 minutes or less.
    • Versatile Use: Elegant construction and wood finish suited for both home and professional settings.
    • Bonus Cable Manager: Clean, organized desk space with all your wires bundled in one sleek clip.
  • Colorful Bias Light:
    • Bias Strips: Give your eyes a break with bias lighting you can use anytime and anywhere with your standing desk.
    • Adjustable Modes: Adjust the brightness, speed, flash, and color functions of your bias light strips. 
    • Bright Colors:  Includes RGBW bright colors so you can change to any color of the rainbow with the hand-held remote instantly. 
    • Power Plug Connection: The Bias Strips connect directly to any power outlet for fast and easy use.
    • Application: Both strips come with authentic 3M tape backing for a stronger hold you can rely on.


  • Height: 2 Feet Tall.
  • Adjustments: 2 - 17 Inches.
  • Material: Aluminum, Wood and Plastic.
  • Computer Use: Desktop or Laptop.
  • Setup: Stationary, Great for Work or Home.

Package Includes:

  • Wooden Standing Desk.
  • Attached Mouse Pad.
  • Cable Management Clip.
  • Bias Lighting Remote Control.
  • Two Full Color Bias Lighting Strips.
  • Instruction Manual.
  • Setup Tools.
  • 1 Year Warranty.