The Fundamentals Pack (Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint & Eucalyptus Essential Oils)

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Introducing... The Fundamentals Pack from the SLR Essential Oils Collection.

Responsibly Sourced. Bottled in California. Made with Organic Love.

Perfect for a first-timer’s foray into the world of organic essential oils, our Fundamentals Pack features only the most beloved, tried-and-true essential oils – though this is truly such a stellar combination that we suspect essential oil aficionados will be clamoring after it as well. Classic sweet-scented Lavender essential oil, a favorite of Victorian nobility, is offered alongside sacred Australian healing oils Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, and the bundle is topped off with refreshing, cooling Peppermint oil. Whether you are looking for an essential oil that helps you sleep, one that relieves nausea or aches, or a mental stimulant to help you work more productively, you can find it in in this little box of treasures. Of course, all essential oils included are 100% pure and certified organic!

We take joy in supporting organic farming all over the globe by sourcing our ingredients from various certified organic growers that we’ve come to call friends. Your health – and the health of the environment – is the priority behind our promise of "Organic Love." Even beyond the cultivation and extraction of our oils, this product is truly made with love every step of the way. All the small details that differentiate us from others, from the white glass jars to the natural bamboo caps, were carefully thought out and designed by our devoted artists in-house.

Gift this must-have bundle from the Essential Oils Collection to yourself or someone special to you today, and spread the organic love!

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The Fundamentals Essential Oil Pack Details:

  • Included Oils: Bulgarian Lavender, Tea Tree/Melaleuca, Peppermint and Eucalyptus Globulus.
  • Natural: Yes.
  • Pure: 100%.
  • Certified Organic: Yes.
  • Bottle Size: (4x) 10 ml.

the organic love difference

  • certified organicDISCOVER IT. We work with organic farmers around the world to source only the finest certified organic extracts, which are then bottled here in California. The beautiful jars and packaging have been created with love by our in-house designers.
  • certified organicEMBRACE IT. Each time you diffuse the Essential Oils Collection by SLR Essentials, you choose to love yourself, those around you, and the environment we share.
  • certified organicSHARE IT. Organic Love inspires. Give back by diffusing oil for a friend in need, gifting oils to others, or by simply by setting an example with the healthy life and heart of compassion you pursue.
  • certified organicSUPPORT IT. The circle of love can repeat itself with your help. $1 from every purchase is donated directly to the Organic Farming Research Foundation!

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Exchange Policy:

Not in love with one or more of the oils? Contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll happily process an exchange for you.

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