Essential Oils

Responsibly Sourced. Bottled in California. Made with Organic Love.

The unifying concept behind the newest addition to our SLR family, the SLR Essential Oils Collection, is Organic Love. Not only are all our oils 100% pure and certified organic, but the inspiration behind the line, the process of bottling and packaging the oils, and the restorative benefits they offer you all reflect this mantra.

Every detail you see, from the beautiful white glass jars to the natural bamboo caps, was carefully thought out and designed by our devoted artists in-house. Of course, the most important detail was the oil itself. When we say that our product is made with organic love, we absolutely mean it. We source our ingredients from various certified organic growers around the world that we’ve come to call friends. Your health – and the health of the environment – is the priority behind our promise of “Organic Love.”

Each time you diffuse one of the SLR Essential Oils, you are providing more than a sweet scent to your home or office – these potent oils have all-natural healing effects on your body and mind, and each oil has its own array of unique nourishing benefits. Care for yourself, others, and the world we live in by joining the SLR Essential Oils family and spreading the Organic Love!

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