ColorConnect Kitchen Lighting Kit with 5-Inch LED Strips, Remote & Motion Sensor

SLR Lighting
SKU SLR-IR05-900-00125-Kitchen
Amount of LED Strips Required

Customize Your Kitchen!

Smart-Color LED strips are designed to give your kitchen a special glow. This special glow can range from a variety of colors, brightness and lighting effects. Strobe and fading light patterns are also an option if you're feeling a little wild.

Motion Activated Lights.

Our motion activated lights are created to make your life easier. Step into your kitchen within the 15 foot range and watch the lights go on. If there is no motion detected within 5 seconds- 5 minutes (time set by you), the lights will shut off saving you lots of energy. Simply, unscrew the back of the motion sensor and adjust the timer inside and screw back on. It's that simple.

Energy Efficient.

LED strips already use 5% less energy than standard light bulbs. Now the motion sensor shuts the lights off for you! Motion sensor provides automatic on and off lighting in the kitchen, saving even more energy. Don't worry about forgetting to switch the lights off again.

Simplified Setup

Every ColorConnect™ piece was designed to be modular like LEGOS®. Simply connect all the pieces together and plug it into any wall outlet. No cutting. No soldering. Just connect.

Mounting Accessories

Professionally mount your ColorConnect™ system with ease. Self-adhesive tape and booster wipes provide the simplest installation method. Strip mounts and screws secure the strips for a permanent setup while wire holders keep everything nice and neat.


Add additional ColorConnect™ pieces with our Expansion Packs. Available in various lengths for various projects.

ColorConnect™ Kitchen Lighting Kit Includes:

  • 4 or 8x 5-inch Multi-Color Strips
  • Remote Control
  • Control Box
  • Motion Sensor
  • 1.5A Power Adapter
  • Extension Cables:
    • 4x 12-inch extender
    • 4x 24-inch extender
    • 1x 48-inch extender
  • 2x Y-Splitters
  • Wire Holders
  • Adhesive Booster
  • Mounts & Tacks
1 Year Warranty.