ColorBloom PLUS 300 Multi-Color LED Tape Light Kit

SLR Lighting
SKU Plus Kit: IR White
Add Motion Sensor Switch Required

Revitalize your home with SLR Lighting's ColorBloom PLUS.

Our ColorBloom kits are the easiest and quickest way to add color to your life. Quickly change the ambiance of any room with a press of a button. Entertain guests with one of the many pre-programmed lighting modes that come standard on each SLR-Box™. Then after the guest leave you can easily reset the color to accent your home with a single press of a button. You can go with something soothing for everyday use or something different and bright to liven it up. Tranquil or social? Strong or soft? Many choices, one SLR-Controller.

Creativity Simplified

At SLR, we not only pride ourselves on the end result, but also the process. In our ColorBloom kits, we've redesigned everything to connect quickly, mount securely and plug safely into any wall outlet. We took the electrical work out of lighting to let you design and craft freely. Just unplug and replug to move the strips. Once you've found your ideal spot, mount them with our exclusive SLR-Mounting System™. Each kit includes the everything needed to start any lighting project.

Enable Motion Activated Lighting

Just add the motion sensor switch to your order to enable motion activated lighting.

PLUS Kit Includes:

  • SLR-Premium 16.4ft Continuous Adhesive Backed LED Strip
  • SLR-Box
  • SLR-Controller
  • SLR-Motion Sensor Switch (optional add-on)
  • SLR-Mounting System
  • SLR-Power Adapter
  • SLR-Accessories
  • Installation Manual

PLUS Kit Features:

  • High Density Strip with 300 SLR-Color LEDs.
  • Waterproofed LED Strips.
  • Flexibility to use as much or as little of the strips as you want.
  • Plug & Play Setup.
  • Pre-Programmed Colors and Modes.
  • SLR-HUE Mixer.
  • Adhesive Booster and Mounts.
1 Year Warranty.