The Character Breakdown: Which Essential Oil is Right for You?

The Scholar

Whether you’re trying to earn a doctorate degree or thinking of gifting essential oils to your niece who is just entering high school, essential oils are great for students. Long-established for students is  peppermint essential oil – this cool-scented oil is so wondrously stimulating to the mind that the famed ancient Roman scholars would adorn themselves with it! Be sure to diffuse it while studying or before an important exam to sharpen your memory.

As a student, flu season is your worst nightmare – germs are spreading like rapid-fire, and you still have to go to class! Luckily, you have a savior in the form of  tea tree essential oil. This defensive oil relieves congestion and fights bacterial infections like no other, and you can practically smell its healing qualities in the oil’s fresh, herbal scent. Finals week stress? Zesty  orange essential oil is sure to brighten the mood of your struggling student – or bring out the carefree, positive kid in you, if you’re the one up to your chin in textbooks.

The Artist

Creative types get a lot of flak for being dreamers, but at the end of the day, the crazy ideas in your head are what’s to thank for the art and music you bring to life! Like scholars, artist types can benefit from an enlivening boost of peppermint essential oil (famously prohibited for soldiers by Alexander the Great because of its power to overly excite sensual energy). Mist this frosty-scented oil throughout your studio to activate mental inspiration, or diffuse before a performance for a burst of wit and charisma sure to engage your audience.

As an artist, your need to spark your imagination with new, exciting influences means you’re probably not afraid of dabbling in the exotic. While others may gravitate towards popular, familiar floral or fruit peel oils, you are likely to find Indian lemongrass essential oil, a lesser-known, sweet-scented amber oil used traditionally in Ayurvedic treatments, wonderfully reviving to your unique mental and physical state.

The Professional

Do you spend long hours in front of a screen? Those sedentary days in the office take a toll on your fitness and happiness levels. Luckily for those who have joined the ranks of the corporate workforce,  cinnamon essential oil is a potent spirit-lifting extract – its sharp energy-boosting qualities will motivate you to stay moving around your office space, and you’ll earn points with your coworkers when its spicy, holiday-conjuring scent wafts into the surrounding cubicles!

While essential oils have health benefits, a major reason why people love them are because of their mood-setting aromas. Keep the office smelling classically elegant and clean with lavender essential oil, a beloved favorite of royalty worldwide since ancient times. Another great choice for professionals is peppermint essential oil, proven to stimulate brain activity – after all, who doesn’t want an extra mental boost before a career-changing interview or presentation?!

The Athlete

Are you a professional athlete? A fitness buff who adheres to a strict gym schedule? A lover of life whose frequent dance parties put you through exhaustive cardio sessions? Grapefruit essential oil is the oil for you if you consider your lifestyle moderate to high-intensity active. With its restorative qualities and refreshing citrus-y scent, this ruby-red essential oil can be diffused at dawn to alleviate physical tiredness from a night out, or left wafting by your bedside after a grueling day.

As someone that is constantly pushing the limits of your body, you’re probably all too familiar with lingering physical tension and the need to ease the aching. Sweet, earthy  lemongrass essential oil has been used in Ayurvedic treatments since ancient times and can help work wonders for your muscle and joint pain.

The Foodie

Essential oils that bring to mind fresh, tangy juices and enticing spices are sure to please a cuisine connoisseur. Try diffusing  cinnamon essential oilorange essential oil, or lemon essential oil if you’re looking to satisfy your food-lover’s taste. Aside from a scent that evokes apple pie, Snickerdoodle cookies, and everything fall, cinnamon essential oil has been proven to encourage physical activity and improved fitness – a rather convenient effect if you love to eat but would like to keep an eye on the scale at the same time!

More inclined towards summery, fruity scents? The citrus family of orange and lemon essential oils goes above and beyond palate-tickling aromas to reduce stress, anxiety, anger, and depression. If you’re regularly eating out at restaurants with exotic ingredients, you may want to diffuse a few drops of orange essential oil daily to strengthen your immune system.

The Nurturer

If you often find yourself in a caretaker role, you are most likely accustomed to providing wet clothes for feverish foreheads, tissues for runny noses, and cough drops for itchy throats – and your role is only magnified during flu season. While you are doing the brunt of the work necessary to keep your loved ones healthy, certain essential oils can help. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all shared an appreciation for the cleansing, therapeutic qualities of lavender essential oil. Diffuse just a drop or two to fill the room with a fresh, floral scent that is sure to ease a patient’s pain.

To combat infections, congestion, and other common cold shenanigans, tea tree essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil are your go-to formidable fighters. While tea tree oil has a stronger antiseptic aroma than the woody eucalyptus oil, both work wonders when diffused at the bedside of a sick child.