Simple Living Redefined Reveals its Unique Essential Oils Collection

Santa Ana, California – June 5, 2017 – Those who are ever-seeking a natural lifestyle and health boost are sure to be enamored with the newly unveiled  Essential Oils Collection by SLR Essentials.

Simple Living Redefined (SLR), a California-based company, offering environmentally conscious, innovative, lifestyle niche products for homes, offices, and gardens, and has finally introduced its own line of essential oils to accompany last year’s well-received foray into essential oil diffusers. The nine essential oils that are currently available include creatively named extracts such as  Lemon RaptureMoonlit Eucalyptus, and Hidden Lavender, which come exquisitely packaged in white glass jars. Bamboo caps and built-in drippers add a beautiful and functional touch to the gift-worthy oils.

Perhaps the most significant aspect sure to make SLR’s essential oil line stand out among the rest is that the oils are globally sourced from only certified organic farms and then personally bottled by the SLR team in California. In addition, $1 from every purchase goes to Organic Farming Research Foundation to further support organic farming.

“The concept behind our essential oils line is ‘Organic Love ’. What that means is everything from the sourcing to the extraction, the bottling to the packaging, and even the purchase itself is done with love – love for the environment, for beautiful design, for giving back and for the health of our customers and those whose lives they touch,” says Product Manager Christina Chen. “Whenever you provide natural healing through these organic, responsibly sourced oils, you’re spreading the organic love.”

Currently, the oils are available as single bottles, as well as in pre-set bundles of four selected to target specific needs such as stress or low energy. Choose-your-own bundles and exclusive oil blends are exciting additional options expected to become available shortly after the initial launch.

Aside from essential oils, Simple Living Redefined delivers a range of unique, quality products that promote a healthy, joyful, and natural lifestyle. To browse the Essential Oils Collection by SLR Essentials, as well as SLR’s other product lines, go to