Share the Organic Love

What does that actually mean anyway?

certified organic Let’s start at the beginning. We had been toying with the idea of creating our own organic essential oils collection for a while – not just because everyone loves a product with aromatherapy benefits, but because we truly believe in the power of nature to heal, rejuvenate, and bring simple joy to our lives. In taking on this project, we wanted to ensure that every stage of our product’s life was carried out lovingly.

certified organic All nine essential oils in our collection are responsibly sourced from organic farmers around the world. This means each jar of oil contains 100% pure, certified organic essential oil, while its production supports organic farming and those workers who devote their lives to sustainable agricultural practices. Next, our team bottles these oils into the beautiful jars that have been designed in-house by our passionate artists. The delicate white glass jars, natural bamboo caps, and simple yet elegant packaging make our oils a sincere gift from the heart to you – or to whomever you choose to share them with.

certified organic Last but not least, we spread organic love by donating a dollar from every essential oils purchase to the Organic Farming Research Foundation! The OFRF funds university programs on organic farming practices, testing and research for current agriculturalists in the field, and spreads awareness of environmentally friendly farming methods. Joining forces with this wonderful organization is our way of loving those around us, loving the land that nurtures us, and ultimately, loving ourselves.

certified organic Now you know the story behind the slogan. And if anyone asks you where to buy organic essential oils, you can help keep our movement of love going by directing them to us! Share the organic love, because the cycle continues with you.