Holiday Shopping Guide 2020

Bed Lighting Kit

Bed Lighting Kit - Multi-Color LED Accent Lights For Under Bed & Headboards

Whether you're having a snuggle party for the latest episode of that binge-worthy Netflix series, or winding down for the night in blissful solitude, our color-shifting LED strips allow you to set the mood for the most relaxing spot in your home.

With effortless strip-to-strip connection and smart motion sensor features, drifting off to dreamland has never felt so luxurious.

essential oil pack

Essential Oil Fundamentals Pack

Start your oil collection with these four fundamentals:

Tea Tree Mist - Soothe seasonal sicknesses with this sacred Australian extract.

Peppermint Jewel - Stimulate your mind for an important task with this memory-boosting fresh scent.

Hidden Lavender - Relieve headaches and stress with this calming, floral classic.

Moonlit Eucalyptus - Relax and rejuvenate after a long day with this refreshing, minty yet honey-sweet aroma.

300 ml essential oil diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser - Dark Wood Grain, Built-in Timer (300 ml)

Dark, sleek, and elegant. Black never goes out of style.

This modern oil diffuser is as smooth-functioning as it is aesthetically pleasing, diffusing just the right amount of mist to subtly permeate your polished home or office.

500 ml diffuser

Large Essential Oil Diffuser - Ultrasonic, Built-in Timer (500 ml)

Diffusers for the office? Sometimes bigger is better.

Our largest essential oil diffuser effortlessly fills spacious layouts with rich, restorative aromas that help everyone feel their best.

Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser - Woodgrain Base, BPA-Free (140 ml)

Hand-carved teardrop or diffuser? Natural and simply beautiful.

This delicate diffuser adds a touch of Zen serenity to any interior, while gracing the room with aromatic healing mists. Crafted in the perfect medium size with a warm-toned wood grain base, this design is a consistent customer favorite.