Essential Oils that Actually Help You Study Better in School

Essential oils – you use them to disinfect your counters, scent your towels, and to help you sleep. Is there any part of your life that essential oils can’t make better? Well, if there is an aspect in which essential oils fall short of expectations, their ability to boost your academic efforts certainly isn’t one of them. With many of us heading back to class this week, we’ve picked the best essential oils to diffuse for a great start to the school year!

Cinnamon – stimulates brain activity

The beginning of the school year can be more than a little overwhelming. Aside from having to crank your brain back into gear after weeks of relaxation, you also have a flood of new information to absorb and the logistical nightmare of class switching, finding the most affordable textbook options, and other back-to-school shenanigans. Luckily for those with cinnamon essential oil in their diffuser, cinnamon is particularly potent as a mental stimulator. Trigger the multitasking abilities that you’ll need for this hectic time by immersing yourself in the sharply energizing properties of cinnamon essential oil.


Peppermint – aids memory

Sitting through hours of lectures can get mundane, causing even the most diligent of us to start zoning out and forgetting the crucial dates, names, and algorithms that we need to ace those dreaded pop quizzes. Diffusing peppermint essential oil while you study and on important exam days can help activate your memory, ensuring that you tackle the task at hand with cognitive clarity and a fully stocked mental arsenal of facts.


Grapefruit – rejuvenating

Whether you’re staying up late poring through assigned readings or drinking and catching up with friends into the wee hours of the night, the back-to-school season tends to tire us all out a bit. It’s quite a feat to pull yourself together and attend that 8 AM Marketing Concepts lecture when you are running on too little sleep and too heavy of a hangover. Never fear, grapefruit essential oil is here – this vigorously refreshing oil helps restore you both mentally and physically, and is a tried-and-true favorite of busy young adults.


Tea Tree– cold symptoms

The onset of fall tends to usher in cooler weather – and along with that, a highly contagious wave of the sniffles, cough, and flu. Though essential oils may not prevent you from contracting germs, you can ease congestion and other cold symptoms by diffusing powerful tea tree essential oil. Its pleasantly minty and herbal scent is accompanied by strong medicinal properties that have made it a well-known healing extract for generations. Fight through your seasonal sicknesses to focus on your studies by diffusing fresh-scented organic tea tree oil.


Aside from the single oils we mentioned above, self-made oil blends are another great idea for back-to-school boosters. Mixing a few drops of different oils combines their benefits and allows you to create unique scents that you are personally drawn to. For example, combining peppermint and cinnamon essential oil conjures a scent that many associate with the holidays, and this can be a wonderful mood brightener while studying or doing homework.


Not in school anymore? Share the helpful information with those around you who are still pursuing their academic journey, and spread the Organic Love!