About Us

Simple Living Redefined was started, well, simply.

A group of us – at the time, an eclectic group of friends in our early twenties living loosely in the same area in NYC - started taking note of the growing trend around healthy living. The ultra-glamorous, overindulgent consumption associated with the city lifestyle appeared to be fading out; in its place, a growing wave of hip, health-focused urbanites was taking over the scene. Though our group came from all different backgrounds and interests, this fresh, seemingly more sustainable way of living appealed to us all, and we began to pursue it collectively.

It wasn't long before we started to grow aware of some problems. Instead of simplifying one's life, a lot of the trending products, events, and practices supposedly representing this plain, healthy living movement seemed to actually complicate it. Furthermore, the lifestyle was astonishingly expensive – healthy smoothies and juices often cost as much as a full meal out, and keeping up with the latest exercise classes and fashionable workout attire only burned deeper holes in our pockets.

After many laughs and lamentations over these glaring issues, we decided – why not do something about it? Instead of chasing after deals on overpriced memberships and products of dubious necessity, why not come up with our own definition of simple living and create affordable niche products that help others easily achieve what we had defined? As a diverse group of friends, we each had different passions, such as gardening, fitness, entertaining, and home beautification; however, the core of what each of us was seeking was to lead a simpler, healthier, more natural lifestyle.

Fast-forward a year and a half, and we were pushing our dream bravely forward in a small office in sunny southern California! Simple Living Redefined was up and running as an e-commerce destination, offering products in distinct sub-branches that matched our founders' differing areas of expertise. Our ambience lights and motion-detection lights were designed to help anyone create a beautiful, practical home - a home that made living in it feel effortless and enjoyable. Our gardening lights allowed customers to easily grow their own herbs and plants indoors, whether for decoration or for cooking and garnishing. The line of standing desks provided anyone who worked, whether from an office or home, with a health-conscious option and an easy daily way to stay in shape. Most recently, the SLR Essentials branch of beautiful, BPA-free oil diffusers and essential oils has been offering a plethora of natural, organic benefits without the usual high fees or memberships.

Even as Simple Living Redefined grows as a company, those of us who birthed it remain involved in every step of every process. We ensure that all our products are designed or sourced responsibly, with quality as the priority. At the same time, we continue to commit to affordable pricing as we truly believe a lifestyle of simple joys should be accessible to all. Our story is an ongoing one, and we sincerely hope to have you along for the ride!